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K'Sagar ( V. S. Kshirsagar) : 1980-2011
Longstanding career of Quarter Century of writing
and Half Century of volumes of his books

V. S. Khirsagar is more familiar with the name of K'Sagar. K'Sagar is his real introduction. All his writing activities formed with the name of K'Sagar itself. K'Sagar symbolizes the assured confidence and success.
On passing his F. Y. Commerce, he accepted the job of clerk in the education upto the graduation as an external student. Passed his LL.B. Exam. in 1979., with first class special distinction. The studies of Maharashtra Public Service Commission right from 1978-79 is still marching ahead. It is also going on even today itself!

The three years of 1979-81 were the turning point of his life. The study of LL.M, Notes published by Ajit Law Book Depot on eight subjects of Law and the classes of Law of three years together such an incessant exerpertains to this same period. During the same period the first book was published with the name of K'Sagar by the Pragati Publications. Further notes on seven subjects of law were published with the same name of K'Sagar.

He made indepth studies of many subjects spontaneously as in the main examination of Maharashtra Public Service Commission. Every time different optional subjects were selected from Law to History and from History to Marathi Literature. The fastidousness of his reading and studying various subjects had helped him greatly in writing and editing books on various subjects.

Eligible for many designations like Government Public Officer, Revenue Officer, Block Development Officer - Class-2, Block Development Officer - Class-1, Tehsildar, Deputy Collector, He had been selected and appointed as the Government Public Officer, Block Development Officer and the Revenue Officer. However, right from his college days as he had started the advancement of his career as the worker himself and as he had himself experienced the agonies of the workers life, he had stuck to the post of government Public Officer in furtherence of his career. He had always handled with utmost care the social belonginess while executing the multiple responsibilities in the public department. He had kept the life-long relations with the immortal letters. Fact is, it is very difficult to keep ones own vow of serving the immortal letters while doing the government service. But while tending the inclination of nutrality he had kept his voyage of immortal of letters advancing ahead and it had proved his voyage of bonanza, the voyage of happiness.

During the period of 1980 to 85 he had done the writing of eight books for other publications and from 1985 he had done his independent writing of 51 books through his own K'Sagar Publications, thus totalling 59 books in all. During the same period, he had co-authored 15 books and most efficently carried out the responsibility of editing and moderrating 30 books. More than twenty editions of five books to his credit had been published so far. The advancement of other books towards the same direction

is still going on. The number of editions of 50 books written by himself reaches to the highest peak of more than 500 editions. During the last twenty one years more than twenty one lakh copies of all these had been reached in the hands of the students.

Since 1998, opting for the voluntary retirement from the government service, he is still engrossed in his writting career worth to his aim ‘‘Writing for the self-pleasure, writing for the benefit of the student community.’’ His fifty-second book entitled ‘History of Modern India (1757-2004)’ is going to be published in a short course.

In 2005, he had been awarded on behalf of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (England) with the title of ‘‘Two Thousand Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twenty-first Century’’

American Biographical Institute had conferred on him the honourary fellowship of its Research Board of Advisors while the International Biographical Institute, Cambridge had offered him the honourary membership of its Research Board of Advisors.

V. S. Kshirsagar! He is the invisible ocean of knowledge. Kshirsagar offers his services in the form of books for the students who are eager to quench their thirst of knowledge. More you take from him, more he would offer for the never ending satisfaction of the students.

May the God live him a very long life to serve the student community. Let us offer our best wishes to our popular ‘Sir’ for his further successful advancement.
–For the vast family of K'Sagar

Mihir Thatte (Journalist);
Sunil Bagal (Asstt. Public Commission, Sangali); and
the innumerable friends and the K'Sagar students adorning various designations.